Friday, March 16, 2012

Decisions decisions

In an attempt to be quasi-social, I am participating in a book club.  My dear friend invited me, and her group of friends are diverse and lovely.  I had a blast at the first meeting in January.  The club is hosted by different members, and the host gets to pick out the book to be read.  Being the ultimate planner, I of course am thinking ahead to whenever I get chosen.

The book we had to read for our upcoming meeting was long y'all.  It was Steven King, and his books are always thick in every sense of the word, and that is a good thing.  But, since this book just completed was approximately 1100 pages of reading rather small type, I'm considering a shorter book. 

I love Jack Finney, as should any writer in my genre.  His imagination was just so fantastic.  Of course, my first thought went to Time and Again, but then I thought of his short stories, which I never have read. 

On a particularly lovely Thursday, I picked up About Time, his collection of 12 short stories, and I am in love again with his writing.  A good short story is a thing of beauty.  To be succinct and clever in such a short form is great talent, and he had this talent in spades.  I am about halfway through, and am almost regretting when I get to the end.

If you need a great read, pick it up!  It is cheap as chips used on Amazon, or of course you can find it at the library, as I did.

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