Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello dear Nashville

I go through creative phases. Most recently, I have been in a huge cooking phase in my creative life. To feed this creative outlet, I contribute to as their Nashville Italian Food Examiner, have a blog, have taught many cooking classes, and met some lovely people in the process.

But, with the warm weather, I am much less desirous of being in the kitchen. Time for a phase change.

In the past, I have made jewelry, knitted countless blankets and sweaters, and painted up canvases like crazy.

I also started a novel. I can feel that it is time to pick that one up again.

I love the outline for my novel. It is very different from anything out there, in my humble opinion, and it combines the things that I love: history, Nashville, and a mystery.

I have 50,000 words under my belt. The problem is that it is very tight. I have to let the story breathe, and let my words meander and wander.

I really love my story, and would be absolutely thrilled if my work was well-received.

My goal is to write 70,000 words, and then try to find a publisher. I have no illusions about getting published. I know that it will be hard, since this is my first attempt at a novel.

Later this week I will be taking vacation. My husband and I will travel to the Yorktown/Williamsburg area of Virginia - and area that we both love, since we are both huge history buffs. I love the feeling of being surrounded by history - like I am a walking anachronism, and that element is certainly in my book. On the back end of our trip, we are renting a cabin in the Shenandoah Valley, to be peaceful and quiet. There is no TV in our cabin. I really love that. I know my writing will be fueled by this trip, and I cannot wait.

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