Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back in the Saddle

As I said in my previous and only other post, I go through creative phases. I am absolutely out of my cooking phase, and am completely focused on my beloved book project. I am doing more research, reading whatever I can about the early 1900's in Nashville. I love this time period, and am so thankful that there are so many well-preserved buildings from that era for inspiration.

I went to the library (aka my second home) during my lunch, and on the way back I heard the bells at St. Mary's, ringing in the noon hour. That building has been a witness to many changes to the face of downtown, and yet it rings on. I believe the church dates to the 1850's. The bells will certainly make it into my book.

I cannot wait until February. I have scheduled a whole week off to devote solely to my book. I plan on visiting Metro Archives to peruse their photograph collection. I cannot wait for the immersion.

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