Friday, January 21, 2011

Naming Characters

I am thoroughly enjoying this writing process. I smile or laugh when I write something really clever, and I have had a lot of fun naming my characters.

My heroine is Josie Costello. I've always loved that last name, probably because I adore the comedy team Abbott & Costello. Josie's sister, Lucy, married Will Abbott. I'm so subtle...this I know.

Josie's love interest is Dan Finney. I wanted to include the last name "Finney" somewhere, because Jack Finney is one of my most beloved authors. He is best known for penning "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," but my favorite work of his is "Time and Again." If you haven't read it, and are fond of the time travel genre, it is a must-read!

Josie's boss is Tom Hartman. Hartman is my Grandmother Anne's maiden name. She was a lovely precious person, and it was just plain fun to use a family name.

Oh, there are more stories associated with my character names, but perhaps I'll save that for another post.

It snowed last night. It was that wonderful sort of snow that clings to every surface, much to the dismay of drivers. As I slowly inched my way home, on 4th Avenue South, I passed the Nashville City Cemetery. Usually I just zip by the historic cemetery, but last night I certainly had time to divert my attention from the road. It was just beautiful. The cemetery on a regular day is very pretty, resplendent with ornate headstones and surrounded by a fine old stone wall, but last night's snow blanketed everything in a silent white. It was just gorgeous, and gave me pause. How many beautiful things to we whiz by every day? We need to slow down, and see the beauty all around us.

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