Tuesday, April 5, 2011

59,000 words

That's right y'all.  Just short of 60,000 words.  I never in my wildest dreams  thought that I could take the story this far, but now I have the confidence to get to that goal of 70,000 words.

This past Sunday,  I took a drive into the country,  on the sort of roads that locals look at the passing car and say "oh...is that what cars look like these days?"  We saw countless goats, and cows, and horses, and towns that, if you huffed and puffed on them hard enough, could get blown to dust.  All sorts of old houses, barns and stores, and the vistas....need I describe the views?

We shall not discuss the sorry sunburn I got.  I am convinced that I am indeed the whitest person ever to breathe.

It was very inspiring.  I was so thankful that I brought pad and pen with me, just in case thoughts for my book came to my head, and did they ever.   I am truly pleased.

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